Customer Service Administrator Job Description

A customer service administrator is the person hired to maintain close communication with customers, process their requests and needs, mediate between them and the members of the sales team. Usually, the responsibilities of this job include processing the customers' orders, the online and offline ones, follow the track of sales, monitor the eventual inconveniences and report them to the superior. Processing the orders means, firstly, taking the orders, either on the phone or from the online shop, responding to the customer's requests, checking the money transfer and collaborating with the sales team in order to have the orders sent to customers. However, this should be seen as a quick, dynamic process so the person willing to work as customer service administrator must be really efficient and hard working. Working with customers also means controlling the schedule of the deliveries and making everything to get the products delivered on time. They also have to collaborate efficiently with the sales department and with the courier.

The most important thing is to keep the customer satisfied so the customer service administrator should know exactly how to act and what to do in certain situations: patiently explain the customer the procedures and explain the happening of an inconvenient, do not ever blame anyone else in the company for the inconvenient, and, in some cases, even offer the customer a discount or a bonus in order to compensate him/her. Maintaining a good relationship between the customers and the company is also another responsibility of the customer service administrator, he or she will have to get to know the constant customers, and, transform the new customers in loyal, constant ones. In order to manage to do this, the individual occupying this position must establish meeting and talk to the customers in person. These meetings have the aim of gathering information and feedback from customers. So, if you want such a job you should better have an out-going personality, communication skills and friendly attitude - as it is known that everyone loves to be treated well as a customer. What is more, the role of the customer service administrator is to constantly take feedback from the customers in order to improve the services and meet the customers' expectations. This means that the individual working in customer service also has to maintain a good relationship with the general or executive manager and should know how to summarize the customers' expectations and turn them, together with the manager and other employees, in real fact: new products, new designs, or, even new prices, special offers, seasonal discounts or sales.

Required skills

Communication is the key to obtain this job. Hence, one should have excellent written and spoken knowledge of English, an out-going personality, a dynamic attitude and should be able to focus on the customers' needs to get this job. However, the person who is willing to become a customer service administrator should also posses persuasion skills and, sometimes, have the power to convince the customer, influence, but not in a bad way, though. All things considered, customer services is about delivering certain messages and expressing so, you should definitely be good at this in order to get this type of job!