Advertising Dispatch Clerk Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An advertising dispatch clerk will be responsible for dispatching, preparing and compiling the advertising material and schedule to the composing room of a weekly or a daily publication
  • He or she will also have to review the advertising order, list its size, introduce the dates, the position and the page it will be published on
  • Expediting and coordinating the flow of materials and work between or within departments, according to a pre-determined production schedule, will also be a responsibility
  • Other duties are selecting materials that correspond with the layout of the advertising, searching advertising files and documents, reviewing and distributing work, production and shipment schedules
  • Advertising dispatch clerks will also have to compile reports on costs, inventory levels, on the progress of work and any other occurring production problems
  • Regarding the completion of dates and the progress of work, they will have to confer with the department of supervisors and with other personnel
  • Besides collaborating with the supervisors, advertising dispatch clerks will have to stay in touch with the engineering, sales, production, marketing and the management department
  • One could say that they assure the smooth running of the process, by being the intermediary of the production team
  • The composing departments of the publication will have to send regular advertising proofs and the dispatch clerk will send them to the advertising department where these will be proofread
  • Still, some companies will require the dispatch clerk to correct and proofread the advertising proofs himself and to assess the accuracy, completeness and the level of conformity to the company's specifications and standards
  • He or she might also be looking for additional, overlooked errors in the advertisement, in the first edition of the published publication
  • Another duty is maintaining working files (work orders or proofs) of all the published advertising material.

Skills Required

Advertising dispatch clerks will have to be organized team players, able to finish projects ahead of the deadlines and keep them on track. Many times, the projects might be delayed by unexpected problems. In this case, patience and strong communication skills are necessary. Excellent writing, grammar and observation skills are also required, because advertising dispatch clerks will have to proofread and detect errors before publishing.

Educational Qualification

Generally, at least a high school diploma is required for the position of an advertising dispatch clerk. In case the candidate has only graduated from high school, he or she needs to have undergone some course work related to the job or vocational training. You still have to expect that many employers will require a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree, preferably in the field of advertising.

Experience in the field of advertising might be the key in many cases. If you want to start a career, as an advertising dispatch clerk, just keep in mind that the stress factor is high.