Assistant Buyer Job Description

Being an assistant buyer means helping and assisting the buyer in all the buying activity matters. The assistant buyer works with the suppliers and takes into account all the promotions and offers. The stock is also a responsibility for the buyer, the person will always be in charge with the verification of the stock and supplies, he or she will have to contact the supplier, order and plan the commercial activity, mostly according to number of items.

The payment of invoices is also a responsibility of the assistant buyer as he or she will have to check the return of shipment. Advertising announcements are seriously checked by the assistant buyer because this person is reliable in describing a product.

The assistant buyer will always be able to offer any further information about a specific item, such as details about the manufacturer. However, the responsibilities of an assistant buyer will certainly vary from one employer to another and / or from one organization to another.

This individual will have to do clerical work, assist the buyer in organizing the activity by closely watching the orders. The assistant buyer will always have to be acquainted with those products that sell well and make the buyer be aware of these kinds of matters.

Gradually, the assistant gets to study the general suppliers on the market, study the prices and qualities of the products and order the best deal. Another responsibility would be targeting the customer for a new product which is being released on the market, study the evolution of sales for the specific item and report to the buyer what he or she has observed. Also, the assistant buyer gets to make business travels with the buyer in order to find the products that best fit their segment and also, the best price. They will meet providers and suppliers and exchange information about the products, request any kind of further detail on the product and negotiate for modifying the product details or price. For this, a very good relationship with the purchasing department is required. The buyer and the assistant buyer are required to collaborate with the purchasing team in order to make the right choice for the company and chose the best product to follow the best interest. So, an assistant buyer should have excellent relationship skills along with an interest in achievements. Being result oriented is really important because this individual needs to stay focused on his goal and analyze the products with attention. Having a logical mind, dealing well with numbers, is also highly requested because studying the sales records and figures is also a responsibility of the assistant buyer.

Organizational skills will surely be a plus because the assistant buyer is often required to check the way the products are displayed.

Required studies

Assistant buyers are often required to have a college degree. However, some organizations prefer the bachelor degree.


The resistance to stress is mandatory because the activity is quite dynamic and it often involves working with deadlines. The person should also be interested in merchandising and always try to improve the activity. Usually, most of the assistant buyers have worked in sales before, so a customer oriented side will be highly appreciated.