Back Office Medical Assistant Job Description and Responsibilities

The medical back office assistant has the whole office and business to take care of, therefore they always have to be focused on their tasks and duties.

The back office medical assistant has various duties, depending on their place of work. If the facility they are working at is bigger, they will naturally have more tasks to accomplish, but they will get more help too. The experience also proves to be important. The more experienced an assistant is, the easier he/she can multitask. If the institution is small, they may be the only office assistant working there, which means they need a better prioritizing of the tasks. In big firms, even though there is much more administrative work to do, there are usually more assistants working so the tasks are somewhat split between them.

As previously said, the task varies depending on the place. Some assistants must get better in a certain area, and in some places, they can even be asked to act as hosts for the visitors and clients (greeting them etc).

Besides doing administrative work, as a medical assistant, you also have to prepare the patients for examination, and take care of the paperwork. That is why it is preferred not to be the only assistant at the institution. If you are working there alone, you have to handle the patients, the greetings, the budgets, the paperwork and many other things. One can easily get lost in so many duties.

The schedule is an average one, but you may be asked to work on weekends too if the institution is short on staff.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Meeting and greeting the patients and visitors
  • Administrative tasks
  • Billing patients, answering emails and phone calls
  • Budget administration
  • Preparing patients and explaining them what they have to do

Skills required are:

  • Communicative person
  • Good computer skills for handling emails and administrative programs
  • Task oriented, is able to handle more duties at the same time
  • Organized, neat person, responsible
  • Is able to make the patients feel at ease

The laws differ in every state; so many times the back office medical assistant is only required to perform administrative tasks and paperwork. The rest of the duties are usually required in the case of small clinics, where not many people are working. In places like that, the medical assistant is required to take care of the other duties and responsibilities, as well.

If you want to work as a back office assistant, you should know the yearly salary for this position is about $50,000. The places of work are usually very neat, clean and taken care of, so you will be working in a safe environment.