Bakers Assistant Job Description

Description of the position:

A Bakery Assistant's work consists of assisting and helping in the preparation and production of various bakery products.

Under limited guidance from head baker and kitchen supervisor, he has to mix ingredients in order to prepare and bake the bread dough, cookie dough, bagel dough, toppings, crust, icing, and other bakery prepared goods.

He has to complete any special orders, if necessary.

His work takes place in large factories, mills or bakery of its kind. He sometimes has to work in small bakeries as well.

Working conditions in the job profile of a bakery assistant involves exposure to high temperatures, dust and working environment filled with fat.

Main duties and activities:

  • Assist and help in the preparation and production of products by company specifications and instructions in the time frame
  • Treat and process raw materials and ingredients (flour, oil, sugar, yeast, water, etc.)
  • Prepare different dough and mixtures according to production recipes under baker supervision
  • Produce and apply decorations on bakery products under supervision
  • Fill and maintain presentation stock
  • Stock or sell products
  • Help in the bakery or customer service when required
  • Ensure that the clients are served in a friendly and efficient manner
  • Get delivery date and ensure that documents comply with requests
  • Receive deliveries and verify that the delivered goods match weight and shapes mentioned in the catalogue
  • Assist and help in inventory-taking
  • Provide services to meet a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Manage spoilage, turnovers and inventory of stocks and goods
  • Processes invoices and credits
  • Plan promotions and strategies to generate growth in sales
  • Clean, maintain and make simple repairs to machinery and equipment used in bakery

Job Responsibilities:

In relation to equipment and materials:

  • Responsible for cleaning the equipments used in baking process
  • Responsible for organizing the products which are in the process of preparation for the baker
  • Responsible for maintaining the standard in terms of sales and quality
  • Responsible for packaging, labeling and merchandising bakery products
  • Responsibility over goods inventory and internal ordering
  • Responsible for displaying products to ensure maximum impact, being aware of customer needs and behavior
  • Responsible for maintaining a neat and clean appearance, with respect to food hygiene

Assignment / Approval of work:

Gets direct instructions and approval from head baker and bakery supervisors, office assistants or managers.

Education and Experience required:

  • Certificate or diploma from trade school
  • Working experience in a bakery
  • General knowledge of mixing and pastry production will be considered an advantage

Skills and abilities required:

  • The candidate must be able to work independently.
  • Ability to communicate verbally, and understand and follow written and verbal instructions
  • Technical skills in preparation and handling of all kind of bakery products
  • Ability to handle weight up to 15 kg
  • Able to break down and reassemble equipment as needed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
Ability to use large ovens, production guides, automatic production lines, mixers, forms for bakery products, proof boxes, bakery scale / printer and hot cases.