Brand Assistant Job Description

Working in a brand department is a challenging thing, but as our entire life is surrounded by brands, it might be a very good job opportunity and with fantastic outlook in the years to come. Therefore, for those interested in working in this area, an entry-level position as that of a brand assistant might be just the perfect launching platform in this industry.

Education and training Requirements to Become a Brand Assistant

In order to become a brand assistant one should hold a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, finance or a related field. For those interested in advancement, a master's degree in marketing or in business administration might be the right choice. During a degree program, a student has the possibility to go work for certain companies, in an internship. The internship is a good possibility to gain working experience, experience one will need when applying for a position in this line of work. There are companies that hire brand assistants without experience and offer on the job training, but most of the companies prefer brand assistants with at least two years of experience. Working in this line of work is very difficult as the competition is acerbic, and unexperienced people might just not be able to face daily problems or to work under high levels of pressure.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Requirements for a Brand Assistant

A brand assistant should prove that he or she has team skills and analytical and problem solving skills, if he or she wants to be successful. Apart from these skills, a brand assistant should have very good communication skills, both oral and written, and strong interpersonal skills as he or she interacts with many people, ranging from colleagues to clients. He or she should additionally posses strategic thinking skills, creativity, persuasiveness, results orientation, assertiveness, tenacity to sell ideas and other related skills. If a brand assistant also has a high level of initiative, than his or her success is a sure thing, not to mention a possibility of advancement when the professional experience will allow it.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Brand Assistant

A brand assistant's job is to assist a brand manager in performing his or her duties and responsibilities in the most efficient manner possible. A brand assistant is responsible for working with brand managers with the purpose of developing strategies and objectives for assigned product lines. Collaborating with brand manager so as

  • to develop the annual brand plan
  • managing test makers
  • executing all marketing plan programs
  • seeking field input on various aspects, such as market conditions, program evaluation
  • ideas for improving the marketing policies, procedures and strategies of the company he or she is working for
  • overseeing analysis of reports and promotional programs
  • managing the creation of graphic elements
  • forecasting, tracking and analyzing monthly sales
  • assisting in the preparation of all brand presentations
  • measuring and reporting brand performance, assisting in the development of new label design, package design, marketing materials and others
  • receiving and responding to all sales requests about promotion, products, services etc., and other related activities.