Resident Care Assistant Job Description and Responsibilities

Patients from a care home have different needs. These needs refer to taking baths, dressing, eating, cleaning, etc. The assistant will help them do all that and will collaborate with nurses and resident doctors in providing care assistance to the patients.

The assistant is the person responsible for interacting with the resident's family in order to inform them about the progress.

In care homes, residents have to spend a lot of time without doing anything, so the resident care assistant organizes and conducts cultural events, games, sports and other activities for the residents.

Another very important task performed by the resident care assistants refers to administrating medicines to the residents. The resident will collaborate with the doctor and will inform him about the reactions to the specific treatment. Sometimes, the assistant may even take the blood pressure or the temperature.

Each resident has a file with information. The assistant has to maintain and to organize all the residents' personal records.

We can name the resident care assistants "nursing aides" because they provide care for people how are ill under the supervision of a nurse. Spending time cleaning and feeding people, giving them treatments, cleaning their rooms, changing their launder, preparing them for lab tests requires devotement and good abilities of taking care of people.

In this field, experience in working with people is the one making the job easier. The assistant's duty is to keep everything in good condition and he/she might perform administrative tasks. This means that they have to keep in good order all the documents related to the patients, they have to plan and organize meetings with the families and they have to provide materials for different activities of the residents.

A good resident care assistant will be the right hand of the nurses, helping and accomplishing any tasks received from them and trying to improve if it is possible the residents' condition. In most cases, the assistants work with elder people and they have a moral responsibility towards them. They have to treat the residents with great respect and to provide them with the best care assistance.

In this job, you have to like taking care of people and you have to give them all your attention, guide them and help them do elementary things, which they are not able to do by themselves.

Required skills and abilities for being a resident care assistant

In this job, skills such as communication, self-motivation and patience are very important. In order to do this job well, it is necessary to have abilities that will help you teach other people to take care of themselves and to care for the residents.


In order to work as a resident care assistant, it is not necessary to have formal educations, but a High School Diploma is always an advantage. Some assistants participate at trainings offered by the employers. During these trainings, they learn emergency procedures, legal issues, and they develop communication skills and basic medical skills.

A job as a resident career assistant brings a lot of satisfaction, because it is nothing better than helping people in need.