Server Assistant Job Description and Responsibilities

If you have ever been to a fancy restaurant or a bigger establishment, you must have seen a server assistant at work. Their job is essential in any efficient restaurant setting and they have a crucial role in making everything work smoothly. They are also known under the name of restaurant bussers.

Job Description

Assistant servers are there to help servers and hosts in restaurants and are an integral part of the staff. Many servers start with having this function. Their main duties are to remove the dirty plates, glassware and silverware. Everything else that the guests have left on the table must also be removed. After doing that, they must rearrange the table in conformity with the standards of the restaurant, by setting up glasses, plates or any new utensils that have been there before the table was occupied. After removing the dirty dishes from the tables, they have to bring them to the dish cleaning area. If spills occur, assistant servers have to do the clean up.

Assistant servers have to also make sure that the floor area and the chairs around the table are clean. Employers have added some duties for assistant servers over time. They may also have to empty the trash, bring the linen out, restock the service stands and refill the beverage station, for tea and coffee.

Other tasks they are required are folding the napkins or bringing the ice to the bar. They might also help in the bar area by bringing the clean glassware and by polishing it. The requirements obviously depend on the employer and the management of the establishment. Some even ask you to refill the glasses of the guests with water, if needed.

It often happens that the guests ask information about the menu or the restaurant. You should be documented about general restaurant information, in case this happens. Anything that the guests ask for which is not related to the menu or the food, like for example a new knife, belongs to your duties.

Education and Experience

Because this is an entry-level job usually taken up by young people, no specific education is required in order to become an assistant server. If you want to advance to the position of server or host, it is a great way to start in the hospitality and restaurant industry. In case of fancy, high-scale establishments, with high traffic, experience in this business can be an advantage.

Assistant servers are usually paid by the hour. They are considered to be non-tipped workers, not like bar tenders or servers, but because they are paid the minimum wage in most establishments, the staff might agree to supplement their income with a certain percentage of the tips. In many cases, it is not more than 10%.

Therefore, if you want to start working as an assistant server, do not forget that this job has significance. You are responsible for the cleanliness of an establishment; you help making it appealing to the eye and help everything run smoothly for the servers.