Shampoo Assistant Job Description


The shampoo assistant job is one of the easiest jobs in the beauty industry. The assistant's duties include shampooing, rinsing clients' hair, removing the hair rollers or the permanent rods, rinsing and cleansing the either treated or natural hair, and other functions that involve using the salon's sinks. For this job, superior skills similar to those of a hair dresser, a barber or even a cosmetologist are not required. The shampoo assistant is one of the numerous staff of any beauty salon, but this job is more important than most people imagine because if it wouldn't exist, then the hair dresser or the cosmetologist would have to take care of extra salon work.

The major treatments that can be performed in a beauty salon are haircuts and hair coloring, manicure and pedicures, hair waxing and some dermatological treatments. In each of these activities, the help of an assistant is required so the assistant helps with of all the treatments because he or she is a multi-task person. When a client is ready to begin her hair treatment, then it is time for the shampoo assistant to prepare the client, by giving her a robe and serving beverages, after that, taking the client to the sink and washing, shampooing and rinsing the client's hair. After completing this first stage, the client is now ready to be taken to the main hair dresser in order to have her hair cut, colored or styled. Whenever the assistant does not have a customer to take care of, he or she is responsible for the upkeep and the maintenance of the entire salon, having to perform duties such as sweeping up the remaining hair after a client's hair cut, washing the used towels and the robes and ordering and restocking the salon with the professional hair supply products. Another task for a shampoo assistant is to assist the hair dresser and organize each of the salon's stations. Also, he or she has to clean the floors and sanitize the sinks and all the used salon utensils.

Job Description

Anyone who desires to become a shampoo assistant has to be at least 16 years of age. The right person for this job must make sure of the total satisfaction of the salon's customers. The assistant is supposed to work under supervision, either the supervision of a licensed hair dresser or the direct supervision of a salon cosmetologist. The total amount of training hours is around 150 before the shampoo assistant can be hired full-time by the salon owner. At the time of hiring, the salon owner does not require the job applicant to take any exam, and also a prior training in the beauty domain is not usually necessary. However, one mandatory trait for a shampoo assistant is to have strong customer service skills as he or she will work with people and has to be quite sociable. In some salons, the shampoo assistant is also doing the job of a front desk receptionist and has to answer the phone in order to book future appointments, or to call clients to confirm their pending appointments, and even to greet and manage all the incoming customers.