Stockroom Assistant Job Description

In every retail shop of any type, there are stock rooms. People who perform stockroom related duties are called stockroom assistants.

The stockroom clerk can work by himself or herself or, in a big store, there are many employees performing the same duties.

To be a stockroom assistant, you need to be a very organized person. The merchandise is arranged on shelves and you have to keep track of it by name, and type. On each shelf, there are different kinds of products. The products that are most popular are put on display for easier reach, due to the need to take it out of the stock room faster. Generally, the stockroom assistant needs to know how to arrange the merchandise based on the type (each type of food like bean cans or ketchup, has its own place). The non-food products are arranged on another shelf, and so on. Of course, each department of products has its own place.

Especially in big supermarkets, it is essential for stockroom assistants to pay a lot of attention to details. They have to be extremely responsible and organized in order not to misplace the merchandise.

What you need to have is the skills to do this job, and a good physical condition. You need to be able to move fast, and think fast. You have to be careful because stockroom assistants are more prone to suffer work related injuries, and other accidents. Naturally, usually males are fit for this job. The stockroom assistant needs to be healthy and fit.

A stock clerk does not need to spend a lot of time with the clients, but it is possible if a customer needs to know something about the deposit. If they want a certain item that is not on display in the shop, you should be able to provide them with the necessary information fast and efficiently.

He is responsible to pack and unpack products, decides which ones are good to be sold and which ones are damaged or expired (in case of food). They check the stocks and order products that are not in stock anymore from the suppliers, and make sure the ordered products arrive safely in the stockroom. They have to keep good relations with the suppliers, and to always be informed of any change. They need to pay attention so that no item that is not good for sale anymore reaches the display shelves.

In some cases, the stockroom assistants have to price the products - adding the price tags on them when referring to clothing items.

The working hours vary a lot - most times the stockroom assistant is required to also work on weekends, and sometimes in night shifts. It all depends on when the store is open.