Store Assistant Job Description

Although it is not an executive position, working as store assistant provides you plenty of opportunities to acquire new information in retail and also develop and improve current skills. The Store assistant is an important connection between store managers and store customers. They must provide relevant support to both of the parts.

Job Description

The job description for a store assistant includes the job's purpose, main responsibilities, required skills, education and training, salary and other benefits as well.

Job purpose

Store assistants have a major part in ensuring the business's success by fulfilling store sales and operational goals. They are in charge of providing customers with all the requested information and advise them concerning acquisitions. Their duties include specific sales activities and administrative responsibilities. However, the amount of duties and their character depend on the size and type of store.

Main responsibilities

  • Ensure daily activities at the store
  • Maintain the store and displays clean all times
  • Greet customers and offer information about the products
  • Make orders for customers and receive deliveries
  • Make inventory and store goods
  • Check all products to see if there are not damaged
  • Handle financial transactions
  • Receive and solve complaints about the services or products
  • Offer technical support to customers if required
  • Provide support to the Store Manager in implementing programs and execute operational and organizational objectives
  • Understand and anticipate customer's needs
  • General office duties such as answer telephone, take orders, send emails, ensure maintenance at working place
  • Assist in shipment preparation
  • Manage shifts schedules for all of the store's employees
  • Assist the Store Manager when filing in forms, returns, and control documents according to agreed control procedures
  • Participate at regular meetings and report any unusual events or problems to directors

Required Skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Professional appearance
  • Computer literate
  • Polite and customer oriented
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Highly organized and efficient in time management
  • Negotiation abilities
  • Persuasive
  • Positive attitude and enthusiastic
  • Self motivated and dynamic
  • Quick learner
  • Open-minded and problem solver
  • Ability to analyze and understand the market and detect client's needs

Education and Training

When applying for a position as store assistant the most important thing is to have at least one or two years experience in retail. This period is necessary to acquire certain knowledge in the area and develop and improve negotiation and presentation skills. However, those who have a bachelor's degree or maser's degree in one of these related fields like Economics, Business Administration, Commerce or Management have better advancement prospects.


Store assistants are paid based on their experience, level of studies and the size of the store they work in. They are paid on monthly or hourly basis. Usually, Store assistants have a basic salary and also receive a monthly sales bonus. The average expected salary for a Store assistant normally reaches 40,000 dollars a year. Depending on the size of each store, the responsibilities differ and as a result salary also varies.