Travel Assistant Job Description and Responsibilities

Traveling and experiencing new exotic places and cultures has always been the plan when thinking about holidays. However, you cannot just pack and go and leave everything behind. You must consult with a travel agent and then pack your bags and enjoy your holiday. But with what exactly do these people help us? The job of a travel assistant is to provide us with all the information we need regarding the place we would like to visit. They provide us with travel destinations, schedules; they arrange for the booking of tickets, accommodations and prepare our travel itineraries.

Responsibilities of a travel assistant

Being a travel assistant requires advising and helping the clients selecting the best travel plan according to their needs. Remember that your clients are the most important persons in that moment so do your best to satisfy their preferences. Answering phone calls in order to answer questions regarding travel information, making arrangements for booking tickets for your clients are just a few things that a travel agent has to do everyday. Furthermore, the travel assistant is the one who collects payments from the clients and he or she must keep all these transactions written down on paper in detail. A very interesting aspect at this job is the fact that, in some cases, you travel along with your clients to help them travel easier. Finally yet importantly, the travel agent can come with new ideas and information about new areas of interest and create attractive packages for tourists.

Work Environment

If you are interested in becoming a travel assistant, you should know that you would not sit on your back all day behind a desk and just talk to clients. You will spend a lot of time either talking on the telephone or researching for travel itineraries on the Internet. It is understood that besides all those mentioned above, a travel agent has to fill up great amounts of paperwork. Moreover, they contact airlines and hotels in order to promote future tours and make agreements so that when we want to go in vacation all is, as we want it to be. Another fact that you should consider before becoming a travel assistant is that in summer when everybody goes somewhere to relax, you will be working like a bee because there will be times when you will have to work more than forty hours a week.


As a travel agent, you must have at your fingertips the art of an excellent communication and be a great organizer. Personal travel experiences are a big plus as well as courtesy when advising other people regarding their travel plans. You have to be able to use your time in an effective way. Moreover, if you want to be promoted to a managerial position, you can do that by following formal training and the courses provided especially for this.

It is true that there is a very limited number of persons who want to become travel assistants. It is a lot of work, it is very demanding, and you get to work under pressure sometimes. However, let us not forget that even though you get to talk all day about exotic locations, you will have the chance to get there and enjoy yourself as a simple tourist.