Treasury Assistant Job Description and Responsibilities

Any corporation is doing financial transactions, but not without a previously and specific debate. In order to make sure that one company has a proper cash management and that it follows useful procedures, functional and adequate, there must be one person to make periodic analysis, by using some investment skills together with business acumen. This would be the so-called treasury assistant, a position under the supervisor of a professional senior. His job would be to constantly review the bills of the corporate together with the payment methods and activities.

Educational Qualifications

You cannot be in charge with the analyze of some corporate financial transactions without having at least a college degree obtained after four years of study. Obviously not in any domain, but in finance, cash management, accounting or business. Still, someone with liberal arts knowledge and studies can easily enter in this field. In addition, because it is about having essential duties in the financial department, a master as well as a doctoral degree is more than welcomed, particularly if they are in investment analysis or finances. Moreover, since the more diplomas you have, the better it is, a certification obtained from the CPA or from the CTP could be very useful.

Job description

Any corporation has some very specific policies for human resources and recommendations given by some top managers. All these are conceived in order to maintain the accuracy of the financial system, to make it more functional, more secure and adequate. The treasury assistant will work inside a specific department for taking care of the system regarding the cash management. He also controls all the bills and the mechanisms used for paying them. A specific treasury department elaborates a number of directives meant to reduce as much as possible the losses resulted because of a malfunctioning operational system or because of the employees' errors.

He makes controls and instructs the staff about how to proceed, what indications to follow and what supplementary measures to take.

Working environment

Generally, a treasury assistant will have to work between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the week. However, if some specific conditions make it necessary, he might be called even on weekends or after the working hours. In addition, the conditions can be represented by some period reports that need to be made, by some annual fillings that have to be regulated with the Commission for Security and Exchange or with the Service for Internal Revenues. Sometimes, work travels can occur, but the corporation will support obviously all the expenses.


There are a few things a treasury assistant needs to know such as working efficiently, actively listening, having some computer skills and the sense of the financial mechanisms, organizational and communication skills, attention to details, intelligence, innovative thinking, perseverance and ambition. Some of them are skills needed in any other job while others are more special.


There are some specific factors that influence one treasury assistant's revenues, like the size of the company he works for, the industry in which the company activates and the staffing needs. Of course, some factors about the personality of the employee are very important just like the way in which he or she accomplishes the tasks. Even though, the incomes are quite impressive for this job, as the Labor Department of the United States shows. We are talking about 100.000 dollars on average in a year without the stock options or the annual bonuses. Considering these, it would mean about 140.000 dollars a year.