Warehouse Assistant Job Description

What is a warehouse assistant?

A warehouse assistant is a person whose job is to provide assistance, of course, in everyday operations of a warehouse.

The assistant is made responsible for the efficient manner in which the warehouse is running, and for this to happen, he has to perform various activities.

Education requirements for a warehouse assistant job

It is not one of the hardest jobs, but it requires at least a Primary School or a High School diploma and, as in almost every case in our days, experience will be important selection criteria. In addition, in many cases a course for forklift driver is required.

Job description and responsibilities

This job may vary from one company to other. A warehouse worker from one company can only drive a forklift for example, while into another company the same employee has to accomplish a variety of administrative tasks.

One duty, which is often on the list, is loading and unloading products, which are coming and going out of the warehouse. For all this goods, a specification has to exist and the assistant is the one to make it. When receiving the merchandise, the assistant is in charge with checking and signing the specifications and after this, he is also responsible with storing the products in the warehouse. After taking care of the incoming and outgoing products, the assistant has to adjust the stocks and to keep good records using stock reports.

The goods and materials have to be maintained in cleanliness and the equipments have to be kept in good working order. In addition, the assistant has to check periodically and make sure that the needed materials are in necessary quantity and quality.

As already mentioned, a warehouse assistant can also perform administrative tasks. Correct record keeping is very important for the company, so this duty is an essential aspect of this job.

Besides keeping track of everything that happens in the warehouse, the assistant has to have a good relationship with the other departments, especially with personnel from finance and logistics.

Depending on the company's size and activity domain, the amount quantity of goods can be very big and various, so warehouse assistant can spend a lot of time finding the best way to store the goods.

An assistant has to know how to drive a forklift, because in a warehouse, driving such a machine is making work easier and because otherwise there is a great possibility of not being able to store and handle all the goods. Many machines may be used in order to make the job easier and before assuming this responsibility, one has to spend some time in practice.

When the warehouse belongs to a large company, it is more than clear that the responsibility is higher, so the warehouse assistant has to pay great attention to every detail.

The list of duties and responsibilities of an assistant can be very long because most of them spend a lot of time doing different activities every day.