Admissions Registration Clerk Job Description

Admissions registration clerk is responsible for handling the admission of a child, student or person in a school, college, institute or any other organization. They have to enter the person's details in the register maintained by the organization they are working for. Also, they have to resolve the person's queries and guide him/her appropriately.

Education and Training Requirements to Become an Admissions Registration Clerk

An admissions registration clerk should hold as a minimum absolute educational requirement a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma, also called a GED. Depending on the area he or she is interested to work in, he or she might have to hold an associate's degree in a field related to that of the hiring company. However, no matter the educational background a certain applicant might have, the professional experience is what increases chances of success of a candidate when applying for a job in this line of work.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Requirements for an Admissions Registration Clerk

It is extremely important for an admissions registration clerk to have excellent verbal and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills as he or she deals directly with the public on a daily basis and additionally enters in contact with colleagues, physicians, management and so on. He or she should additionally be self-motivated, flexible, very well organized, detail oriented, with analytical and problem solving skills, along with customer service abilities and other related characteristics. An admissions registration clerk has to have strong knowledge about the policies and the functions of the institution he or she works for and very good computer skills, as he or she introduces data regarding patients or students on a computer.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Admissions Registration Clerk

The main duty of an admissions registration clerk is related to processing and completing all admissions paperwork. Apart from this duty, he or she is also responsible for reviewing and verifying insurance and welfare coverage to patients, responding to patient or student inquiries regarding admissions (depending on the field he or she works in), processing, reviewing and evaluating insurance and other credit forms, instructing about financial avenues open to patients or students, instructing patients about credit and collection procedure, routing admission forms to appropriate areas within the facility, executing quality assurance programs when it comes to patient care, ensuring neatness of physical facilities, helping the other staff members regarding admissions and other related activities.

Working Environment of an Admissions Registration Clerk

An admissions registration clerk usually works in a front desk position, forty hours a week, four weeks a month, in front of a computer. This kind of job bring along various sort of ailments, like repetitive motion ailments, back strain, eyestrain and others. An admissions registration clerk usually works in shifts, especially if he or she is hired by a hospital or a health care facility. Sometimes, an admissions registration clerk should route admission forms to appropriate areas within a facility, this implying going to those areas.

Being an admissions registration clerk is an interesting job, especially for those with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a job that brings at the end of the day fatigue but also satisfaction that he or she helped a fellow in need.