Data Control Clerk Job Description

Today, the use of computers is encountered everywhere we go and each department within a particular company has among the staff, people hired for performing computer operations. Among these people, we indicate the data control clerk, who is responsible for ensuring a timely and accurate data input or output into the system of the department he or she works for.

Education and Training Requirements to Become a Data Control Clerk

A high school diploma or its equivalent, meaning a general equivalency diploma or a GED, is the minimum educational requirement when it comes to applying for a job in this line of work. There are, however, companies that might require a bachelor's degree, as the unemployment rates are so high and as so many specialists are looking for a job now, no matter the field. Notwithstanding, without working experience in the clerical field of at least two years and without relevant experience with PC software packages, a person's chances to be employed decrease extensively.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Requirements for a Data Control Clerk

In order to become a data control clerk, one should posses some knowledge and skills that will enhance one's ability to perform daily activities. Among these skills and knowledge, we indicate knowledge about the usage of data processing equipments and about the functions of the data processing equipments, knowledge of practices and principles of maintaining a database or a magnetic tape basic library and other related knowledge. A data control clerk has to additionally be able to schedule and prioritize data processing work, to work under supervision and perform all the duties the supervisor assigns him or her. He or she should also posses good interpersonal skills and good communication skills, both verbal and written, as a data control clerk has to maintain and establish a very good working relationship with other colleagues and with users.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Data Control Clerk

  • The main responsibility of a data control clerk is to collect, review and introduce data into a computer.
  • He or she works directly under the supervision of somebody else, who indicates what duties a data control clerk should perform.
  • This being a clerical job, a data control clerk should be able to operate all office equipment.
  • He or she is also responsible for reviewing the existing data and to correct or update when it is necessary,
  • To maintain accurate database records
  • To provide reports on various topics to the supervisor
  • To compile statistical reports
  • To assist with verification and editing of input and output data
  • To maintain records of various tasks related to the job
  • To perform quality control analysis and other related activities
  • In some companies, a data control clerk might be responsible as well for referring personal and telephone requests to the appropriate staff.

A job as a data control clerk requires clerical experience and proficiency in computer software packages, but for those with a passion in working with various types of data this line of work might be the perfect choice.