Data Processing Clerk Job Description

What are data processing clerks?

When transmitting any piece of information from one point to the other, the first and very important thing to do is to input data. The people entering data into an office machine or a computer system are called data processing clerks. This information can be viewed on specialized software or programs, online or on graphics and spreadsheets. It can also be published and shared out as handbooks, business reports or inter-office memorandums.

What are the main functions for these professionals?

The US Bureau of Labor claims that the data processing clerks can also be called typists, keypunch technicians, data entry operators or transcribers. In general, this category of employees are required to prepare letters, reports, mailing labels, technical information or other written text works.

The data processing clerk can have many duties. These duties can range from just updating and correcting contacts or business information spreadsheets to more complicated assignments like taking care of very technical texts. All of these can include the creation of a record of personal information of the clients, medical records, proofreading or modifying information.

What are the future expectations for data processing clerks?

To continue as a very important segment of any company, data processing clerks have to enhance and use their skills. The technicians who demonstrate a very accurate and professional way to carry out their tasks have future paths to becoming editors or proofreader's. Moreover, data processing clerks can develop their administrative skills and take it on the path of becoming a part of billing, scheduling, fact checking, trafficking or report investigation.

Are there misconceptions or misunderstandings regarding this position?

Yes, there are! Many people think that data processing clerks are not worthy of getting a salary and they do not do almost anything for the company they work in. Many managers and representatives of many companies claim that this position is a vital organ in a firm's body. Without their help, the records will not be accurate and that will create a big mess. Even though, they start from an entry-level salary, data processing clerks can later be promoted and their efforts recognized.

What is the outlook for data processing clerks?

The prospective for these professionals has changed dramatically, since paper is not a vital part anymore in keeping record and in business related operations. Because nowadays computers play a vital part in any industry or field of activity, the skills needed to get hired as a data processing clerk have transformed. Some time ago, there was an imperative need of entire floors of people inputting and updating data, but now, there is need of just a couple of data processing clerks with fast fingers and a profound understanding of computer and software using.

To increase their chances of hiring or of staying employed, data processing clerks should know that they should train or learn about the newest methods and processes regarding their activity. It is a good thing to understand how to properly use the newest software and computer applications regarding billing, word processing and graphic applications.