Schedule Clerk Job Description

There are plenty of clerks within an institution, and we might say that they are the little, but essential wheels, which keep the whole mechanism going. It is clear that the activity, which is present within that institution, has to be clearly defined in time, that is there have to be exact schedules for each employee to observe in order for the working system to function properly. This is where the schedule clerk comes in. Let us look at the precise task and responsibilities of such a clerk, getting to know his/her job more closely.

Job description

The tasks that the schedule clerk has to fulfill daily are multiple, and very important to the other employees of that company. First, we find out that the schedule clerk is the one who is responsible of assisting the administrative employees when they have to draw some tasks for the other members of the personnel. The schedule clerk will have to offer advice regarding the aspects connected with time matters (the actual correspondence between the task itself and the time in which it should be performed). In other institutions, like hospitals or clinics, the schedule clerks will be the ones who make the patients' appointments with the doctors, to avoid crowds of patients bursting into the clinic. They will also make appointments for special tests or scans that the patients have to undergo, at the recommendation of a doctor. In a mechanic's workshop, the schedule clerk will define the exact hours when the clients are supposed to bring their cars in for repairs. Last but not least, the schedule clerk will sometimes have to work at organizing events (conferences, meetings and other formal events), taking care, that everything happens in due time and all the necessary details are taken care of.

Required education and skills

The schedule clerk is supposed to be a college graduate, but there are no clear requirements concerning the upper, academic education. The basic skills that she/he should posses are responsibility and attention towards details. The schedule clerk is usually a very organized person, able to focus on urgent task completion and able to integrate all the information and details into a coherent plan of action. He/she has to be aware of the fact that the success of an event/company strategy/meeting is depending on him/her and his/her ability to do everything on due time. Punctuality is another ideal trait, as well as excellent communication skills.

Working environment

The working environment of a schedule clerk is an unstable one. Sometimes he/she will be working in an office, other times he/she will be doing fieldwork, but, overall, being a schedule clerk is not an easy job.


The income of a schedule clerk depends on the company who has hired him/her, on the type of tasks that he/she has to fulfill and on the years of experience that he/she possess and it is estimated to be somewhere around 34,000 U.S. dollars a year. This is a medium income, considering the fact that the responsibility is great.