Technical Clerk Job Description and Responsibilities

Technical Clerk plays a very important role for the fields of project engineering and for the engineering services. These clerks must complete the tasks of technical support and of administrative service. These clerks work under general supervision and will receive guidance from their supervisor if the task is more complex. At times, they might supervise how a group of students is doing the assigned job.


  • organizing and maintaining a system, according to the project requirements
  • keeping a record of the personnel training and security
  • scheduling and writing the progress reports
  • reviewing of the technical documentation
  • compiling of special reports, studies that consists of data analysis
  • creating of databases and any other job related to it
  • assisting with the registration of students
  • installation of computer software, as well as testing it and maintaining it

Other administrative or business tasks

  • preparing and reviewing of the forms and operational records of the budgets, work orders and purchases, as well as personnel actions
  • composing office letters/emails, out of their own initiative
  • answering and transferring incoming calls
  • serving as a receptionist by greeting and assisting the campus visitors
  • organizing the files according to the unit procedures

Skills and Qualities

  • knowledge of specific terms
  • must know the policies, practices, and company procedures, for the best possible performance
  • good comprehension of maths or arithmetics
  • good skills in using the computer and its applications (such as: word processing, spreadsheets, and databases, no matter the operating system) as well as other office equipment
  • the ability of dealing with multiple tasks at the same time, and knowing how to prioritize them
  • good communication skills.

An important point when trying to get hired on such a position, you need to know that you must have some serious experience in the field, either on a similar position, either having worked under the supervision of a technical clerk. Most of the graduates will get hired for a lower ranked position, with the possibility of getting a promotion. Do not worry, because even from this position one can be promoted or transferred to a different department. Usually, such clerks work for big companies, and these big companies become even bigger, therefore the never-ending need for really well prepared employees.

For most countries, any worker or employee must have a work permit, or a working visa, if the person is from abroad. Most of the companies are forced to have an individual working contract.

At this point, you can have a better image on what this position refers to, what are the duties and the responsibilities of the technical clerk, and you will be able to tell if you are a good match for it or not.