Software Consultant Job Description

In our days, more than 90% of the companies have computerized most of their operations. In this case, in order to install and update a system or a database, a software consultant may be needed.

Software consultant is a specialist that generally provides software solutions and recommendations based on his evaluations.

A software consultant can work for a software-consulting firm or individually without being hired by a consulting firm.

This professional may work also as part of a team, which is focused on developing, integrating, testing and maintaining different software applications.

Duties and Responsibilities

Usually, a software consulting firm is contracted by different other firms, which intend to integrate a new software into an organization, respecting a deadline impose by the hiring company.

In this case, the software consultant will be a part of a team created from employees from both companies. The purpose will be to find a software solution that will satisfy the needs and requirements of the organization, which asked for consultancy from the software firm. The software consultant will have to collaborate with his team colleagues and to analyze and understand correctly the requirements.

Based on the requirements, the consultant will have to give recommendations for software developments and implementations.

In case a new software system is wanted, the consultant will have to work with the clients in order to obtain specifications for software development, to make a research activity based on the results he will have. Then, the software consultant will get to the execution and development of the program.

Putting all this in other words, we may say that the software consultant performs network modeling. They analyze, plan, research, evaluate and then recommend network and data communications hardware and software depending on the clients' needs and domain specific.

A software consultant can also be specialized in telecommunications and dealing with interfacing of computer and communications equipment.

Companies have a computer database. The software consultants, when requested to coordinate changes in their database, test and execute the database management system. In addition, it is important to mention that the consultant can also carry out security measures in order to ensure safety for the computer database.

Requirements and skills

As a first requirement, we must mention the computer skills and the experience with server, internet, intranet and other communication system a software consultant must have.

In this job, the software consultant has to demonstrate excellent verbal and written skills, active listening skills, permanent learning and time management skills.

Imperative in this activity is also the ability to understand technology. This job is all about working with new technologies and one could not succeed if she/he is not willing to learn and to develop permanently his/her abilities.

Education and Certification

First, a High School diploma will be needed. More than that, a Bachelor's degree in the domain or some other accredited courses and maybe experience can be required if one intends to apply for a job as a Software consultant.