Activities Director Job Description

This title is not well-known by everybody, but it will help you have a clear view by saying that an activities director performs various types of activities, such as: recreation supervisors or camp directors and others.

Agreeing that an activities director can develop activities like camp directors or recreation leaders, we can also agree that an activities director is a recreational therapist in other words.

This job is all about assessing the patient's needs and developing individual programs to meet those needs. These programs will include some activities, which the activities director has to plan and administer. These activities for children and grownups can be individual or social and will be organized at playgrounds, in community centers, in the park, in nursing homes, etc.

An activities director's job can be full-time or part-time or for a specific period (temporary or seasonal) and he will work in summer camps, parks, resorts, after-school childcare programs.

Job responsibilities for an activities director

Depending on the place, the activities directors work in and depending if they work with children or adults, the duties and responsibilities can vary. However, mostly they have to: organize recreation resident programs (which have to get approval first), direct therapeutic activities (according to the planning and which can fulfill the emotionally, intellectually, socially or spiritually needs of residents), observe and record people's reaction towards care plans.

As said, the duties can vary. For example, for children, the activities director has to develop games and sporting activities, while for senior people, they try to develop more spiritual and intellectual activities. This means they always have to plan and organize an activity calendar for age-appropriate residents.

The activities director has to encourage individual patients to participate in leisure activities and it is his duty to procure and to maintain the necessary equipment. He has a budget, which has to be well-organized, and, from this budget, s/he has to buy equipments and all other necessary stuff for his activities.

Beyond these direct responsibilities and duties, activities directors also have some duties administrative, we may say. They have to manage the budget for the activities, maintain in order all documents, financial statements and records.

Qualifications and skills requirements

First, like in all other cases, when working with people, an activities director needs great communications skills (verbal and written), and excellent active listening skills.

Other requirements can be: to manage to work in a stressful environment, great imagination for developing new activities programs, to succeed in motivating and inspire people, administrative skills and so on.

Depending on the level position, the qualification requirements can vary, but at least a High School diploma is needed. Some companies may require also a Bachelor's Degree, experience in leisure activities or recreation and maybe even some experience in business administration.

Working with people and helping them fulfill their needs can be a very satisfying work if you develop all the necessary abilities to perform this job.