Data Entry Processor Job Description

Before any person posts any information into the content management system, it is the data entry processor who gathers and sorts it. The next step, for him, is to analyze all the documents of precision and to enter all data into this database. This is why he should have excellent knowledge about software and hardware, but he should be very proficient in a diversity of data processing software. He may also be in charge of any other administrative tasks like filing and sorting the emails or answering the phones.

Data entry processor is a position that can be found in every industry, both private and public sectors. It is obligatory for a data entry processor to be detail-oriented, because if he enters wrong information, this error will be paid by the company. He should also be at ease performing the same tasks daily. A common requirement concerning this job is that the employee must always respect the deadlines and must know how to work under pressure.

The ideal candidate must have strong knowledge about the entry and coding procedures and must know how to code the information into proper form for entry. He should have excellent skills in handling coursework to completion, which may demand resolving problems and correcting errors.

The candidates who want to work into this field must have spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. They should be familiar to standard office procedures and systems.

The purpose of the job of data entry processor is to ensure competent and smooth handling of information. These employees must deal with a diversity of tasks such as operating many office machines, performing other clerical responsibilities and entering data into a computer.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • In charge of maintaining program layout documentation of the system programs
  • He will provide technical direction or training to subordinate level operators
  • He will adhere to strict batch processing program in order to meet deadlines
  • In charge of processing data entry, editing and distributing the raw source documents
  • He will have to consult with supervisors in offering needed information for key processes
  • In charge of creating offsite backup tapes for data security
  • In charge of inputting all relevant information from a document or other form of business information into the company's most important computer database
  • In charge of backing up this data into a separate system so that the important customer information is not deleted by mistake