Associate Attorney Job Description

An associate attorney is an attorney who is responsible with the preparation of legal contracts and of other documents; he ensures the accordance with the regulatory requirements and provides the field offices with legal advice on general issues. The attorney has to assist in the investigations that are assigned to the Legal Department of the company, firm or business that hired him. He should be able to analyze any legal documents and be capable of drafting responses based on his findings, also to be able to conduct legal research in all the necessary and allowed databases.

The associate attorney is the main responsible for the legal records and their management, so that by holding this position he has to report to the Legal and Corporate Affairs of the United States. Such an attorney can have different positions in numerous departments and divisions, as he specializes in a certain law field. The associate attorney should be experienced enough on working with the judiciary, he needs to have excellent analytical skills, also be proficient at writing and researching.

Skills Required

The qualities that make a good associate attorney are the ability to manifest an attention to every single detail, powerful organizational skills, a certain familiarity with Westlaw, Nexus or Lexis (the online legal research service) and the ability to collaborate with partner organizations, the judiciary, other legal groups, with the advisory committees and with volunteers. He should have great presenting skills, good proficiency with pc software, strong speaking and abilities to coordinate and complete legal projects.

Educational Qualifications

In order to work as an associate attorney, one must have a bachelor degree and a doctorate given by any accredited law school; this will allow the lawyer to practice law in any state without any restrictions. The associate attorney may be required to have the ability to influence individuals in order to obtain successful results that is why strong interpersonal skills are necessary, so that the attorney can interact efficiently with all kinds of people. In this line of work, English proficiency is mandatory; the attorney must be willing to travel, taking many business trips.

The Responsibilities of an Associate Attorney

An associate attorney is under the supervision of the Duties department and his responsibilities include litigations (either in state or in federal courts), working with transactions and working with other state or federal agencies. The attorney has to undertake all the legal perspectives and has to do the necessary legal research addressing law cases and pursuits; he can assist and help the senior attorneys when dealing with complex cases. He also prepares motions, his pleadings, conference notes and briefs. The attorney has to attend all the trials and the hearings, all the conferences and the interviews that involve cases he is in charge of. To sum up, an associate attorney's main task is to integrate all the best and successful practices and standards into the handling of all his clients and into their cases.