Administration Manager Job Description and Responsibilities

This post of administration manager is dedicated par excellence to servicing other departments, for the performance of their activity, and may include responsibilities of fleet management company or real estate, other administrative issues, etc. according to company needs. Some of the responsibilities of this job description are in other positions in the departments of purchasing, logistics, maintenance and service. In general, there is an increase in scale for Office Manager position in a company in development, or when communicating with the outside world involves a lot of routine activities (eg. educational institutions) or when the activity of the company ( eg. production) needs to be supported by some purely administrative, such as building layout care company.

The administration manager can be directly subordinate to the Director General, Director of Logistics or finance department. This isn't about managing databases or information system of the company, responsibilities that were analyzed in the job description for IT Manager, nor the responsibility for managing the business, located in the CEO job description. This post should not be confused with the post of Administrator or found in the company's status.


It deals with the activities of other departments, to support creating an optimal working environment and providing necessary data and materials, according to company requirements.


  • Manages the company's real estate: the study and improvement of locations, any repairs and design of space to adapt to business needs, acquiring new spaces as required by superiors, contracting and supervising the performance of suppliers' activities in this area
  • Manages company car (if their number is not necessary to have a post dedicated to this activity), both as a service and as evidence of their use by employees
  • Keeps track of all goods sold in their optimal inventory and distribution company for the activities
  • Keeps track of administrative costs for the acquisition of office supplies and stationery, ensures contracts for various goods
  • Identifies ways to streamline administrative activities and proposes them for approval by superiors
  • Changes made in the way departments communicate asset management company and provides training for the use of various new features.

Required Experience:

  • Specialized studies in the administrative field
  • Experience in administrative positions
  • IT skills (MS Office)
  • Knowledge of accounting, construction and mechanics is an advantage.


  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Negotiating capacity
  • Resistance to routine
  • Expression skills
  • Initiative
  • Ability to work in a team.