Bakery Manager Job Description

A bakery is a shop that, just like any other shop, needs a team of professional to make the business work. The team has to satisfy the customers, as they will come back only if they are satisfied with the service. Just like in any other place, the staff needs coordination from a more experienced and skilled person who looks after the quality of the services and the income of the bakery.

A bakery manager has various and numerous tasks; from the preparation and displaying of the products to the administrative tasks, they are responsible for keeping the bakery running and profitable. Moreover, they have to supervise the employees, teach them what they have to do. Other tasks are making the budget and sticking to it, ensuring the safety at the work place and sales management.


Bakery managers are responsible firstly for the quality of the products; but this is not by far their only responsibility. They have to ensure that the standards of the bakery are respected by the employees. They also have to establish the prices, hire new personnel and offer them training, analyze the consistency and quality of the products, make the inventory and manage the budget. A bakery manager can also work in a department in a supermarket or large store, and they have to subordinate to the store manager. Other responsibilities of the bakery manager are the processing of deliveries, collaborating with the vendors concerning orders and making sure that there are enough products on the stock. Also, when there is no one available, the manager has to operate the cash machine and work cooperatively with the staff. When there are complaints about the service or products, it is the bakery manager's responsibility to make sure that the issue is solved quietly and quickly, so it doesn't affect the business.


In order to get hired as a bakery manager one should have completed his/her graduation from high school. College degree is not necessary, but you need to have undergone some training in the bakery or supermarket. Some bakers climb up the professional ladder after starting as an apprentice in such a place. Also, there are technical schools or special colleges that grant a degree in professional baking.


Bakery managers should be able to communicate very well, as their work implies to have a good communication with their clients. Also, they have to be detail-oriented, since this can affect the quality of the products and the overall aspect, which is very important. Esthetic skills are also required, as the bakery managers are responsible with the decoration of products and their display. Being in charge of a various number of employees, depending on the size of the bakery, you will need to be a good leader and prove to be able to make quick and profitable decisions, regarding the performance of the staff and not exceeding the budget. Concerning the budget making and managing, a bakery manager has to have certain math skills as well as basic accounting knowledge, for the inventory and calculation of sales and profit.


A bakery manager's salary differs according to the education, level of experience and the place of work. The average salary rises up to 40.000 dollars yearly.