Service Station Manager Job Description and Responsibility

They have the responsibility to make sure that everything goes well with the station and that you will be satisfied with the services are offered to you. Usually, people see the attendants, but you should be aware that there is a person who supervises them and tells them what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

The main duty of a gas station manager is to oversee the everyday operations of the filling station in question and the convenience store that usually can be found at the stations. He or she has to supervise the work of the staff, has to work with the vendors and to monitor the sales.

Human resources

It is the responsibility of the service station manager to recruit, hire and provide new hire orientation for every employee of the station. Even more, he or she has to maintain the schedules of the employees, to review the time cards, run the payroll and to terminate some work contracts, if the situation asks for this.

Vendor management

There is not only gas sold at the stations, some other goods are also available for the clients to choose. This is why it is necessary to have regular store inventories and to maintain contract with the vendors in order to purchase new products.


It is the duty of the service station manager to keep track of the earnings originating from retail and the lottery sales, to create reports that contain these numbers, and to provide them to the owner of the gas station in question.


Another responsibility that the service station manager has is to display, clean and rotate the merchandise in order to maximize the sales that the company makes.

Education of the service station manager

The majority of the employers are looking for people who have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent of this. There might also be need for some prior experience as an attendant in order to get this kind of job. Regarding the technical skills, there is not much to know. Still, you should be familiar with computers and you should be able to work with other people and to motivate them in order to achieve the best results possible.

As a result, you might see that this is not one of the most difficult jobs, but still at some times it might be quite demanding. In case there are many customers, you might also have to help the attendants to finish with all the work.