Auxiliary Nurse Job Description

A general job description of auxiliary nurses can be summarized as taking basic care of the patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible. Auxiliary nurses are not registered and the job does not require any kind of formal training or academic qualifications.


Auxiliary nurses have the task of administrating care to patients, overall trying to make the patient as comfortable as possible. They have to wash and help the patients to wear clothes; they have to groom and feed them; they have to push their wheelchairs. They have to monitor the patient's progress and sometimes they have to check their vital signs such as temperature or blood pressure. They also have to change bedpans and make the beds.

Auxiliary nurses also work along with medical scientists assisting them through simple chores. They could be assigned to take notes during an experiment. They can help with the analysis of samples of bodily fluids like blood or urine. They may also be assigned to clean or prepare the laboratory equipment.

Auxiliary nurses can also work in a clinic performing support for physiotherapists, pediatricians or nutritionists. They may have to prepare the equipment before the sessions and help patients to mentally prepare for these sessions. They have to take notes during the therapy and keep a record of the progress; they also have to keep track of the medical history of the patient notifying the therapist if an activity or prescription is not suitable for a certain patient.


An Auxiliary Nurse should have great communication skills since she will be the one who spends the most time with the patients. They have to keep a close look on the patients and pay attention to their discussions so that she can report any signs of distress, anxiety or a general mood shift to her superiors. They should also be polite to the patience's family and friends. Patience, empathy, friendliness and politeness are all looked for in an auxiliary nurse. They should be able to work under stress, to be cooperative and willing to follow orders. They should be in good physical shape since they spend most of their day on their feet and perform different and sometimes strenuous physical tasks. Auxiliary nurses should be fast and willing learners; they should be team players and hardworking. They should also always keep up with new medical trends and theoretical knowledge. Starting out as an auxiliary nurse can become the first step to a career in health care.

Working Hours and Salary

Auxiliary nurses have an identical schedule to any health care provider in a hospital. They work in 10 or 12-hour shifts. Besides regular day shifts, they have to work nights, on weekends and on holidays. Auxiliary nursing jobs can be either part-time or full-time. Depending on their experience, auxiliary nurses salaries can vary between 10,000 pounds and 16,000 pounds.