Maternity Ward Nurse Job Description

If you give birth in a hospital, maternity ward nurses will always be there for you. Though a nurse is a nurse, there are specific task included in the maternity ward nurse job description and responsibility.

Job description

Here is what you should expect your maternity ward nurse to do and what you should not expect from her or he to do prior birth, during labor or after the birth of the baby; or, in some cases, babies.

Women, in the process of preparation for the big day, feel much more comfortable to know they will have a doctor there when they will deliver the baby. However, I tell you, considering the training these nurses go through; you are very safe in the hands of a ward nurse.


The ward maternity nurse will help you to know for sure if you are in labor or in false labor. In the later case, you might be sent home for few more days.

Once you are admitted to the hospital, the ward maternity nurse will help you get comfortable in your room, will check the vital signs and will continue to do this at regular times for your whole stay in the hospital.

In addition, it is a part of the ward maternity nurse to check on the situation of the baby when you started the labor.

If needed, at the doctor's recommendation, the ward maternity nurse will administrate medication. This does not include an epidural, this need to be given by a trained anesthetist.

Job of the maternity ward nurse is to assist the doctor or the midwife during the birth. This also includes taking care of you, checking your vital signs periodically and helping you deliver your baby as easy as possible.

The ward maternity nurse will be the one to take your baby's apgar score. To clean after birth is part of your maternity nurse job description too.

The nurse will come back and check your vital signs after birth, will help you hold the baby at your breast and will give the basics instructions on breastfeeding if needed. This, in case you stay in the maternity ward after birth. Some hospitals will move you after birth; some will keep you there for your whole stay under their care.

These are the tasks of a ward maternity nurse.

There are things that are less unlikely to happen but not impossible.

For example, the maternity ward nurse can be the person to deliver your baby. As I said, this is very unlikely to happen, as a doctor or a midwife should be there for the birth. However, the unexpected can happen even in a very well-organized hospital. This is not a reason to worry. They are trained and they will be able to perform a good job.

Sometimes, the maternity nurse will offer you coaching during the labor process. They are not expected to do this, but in the absence of a partner to support you and if there are no complications with the birth that will require all the available staff, the nurse can be there for support too, as another friend that you need in a time like that.