Newborn Nursery Nurse Job Description

The newborns are medically attended in the neonatal section of a health care facility. Every child should be received by a team of neonatology doctors and nurses which conduct the initial assessment, resuscitation and stabilization of post-resuscitation (if necessary) at birth. Newborns are placed on cardiopulmonary apparatus if necessary it is important for them to establish early contact with their mothers to ensure their emotional stability.

Giving information about breastfeeding to the little ones is an important task for the newborn nursery nurse. Mothers are trained on natural nutrition and child care by both doctors and nurses. Patients are well cared for, and the advice they receive in terms of nutrition is obviously coming from certified doctors and nurses, which are well trained in the field. Also in the training of maternity, the newborn nursery nurse gives a bath demonstration so that the mother receives notions of hygiene and infant bath. The procedures are demonstrated in practice. Parents are always helped by doctors and nurses in the ward to acquire skills related to caring for their newborn. The goal is that, at discharge from maternity, the family must have notions about providing basic child care and must have also confidence in this new acquired ability.

Patients are continuously monitored to see how they adapted to life outside the womb, feeding, jaundice evolution, the objective being to avoid the appearance of any complications or to treat them in early stages.

Job description:

The principles that guide a newborn nurse, is as follows: 'Every child entrusted to us will be the most precious child in the world". Medical Department Activity aims to assess the clinical status of the newborn, assessment of the degree of maturity, depending on gestational age and to distinguish high-risk infants who are subject to further specific care.

Newborn Nursery Nurse Responsibilities and Duties

If you want a job as Newborn Nursery Nurse, here is a list of their responsibilities and duties.


  • Provides specific care immediately after birth (in collaboration with the Medical neonatology and Apgar score)
  • Complete identification headband of the mother
  • Draws specific supervision file of the newborn
  • Vaccinates the newborn
  • Responds promptly to the needs of a newborn
  • Ensures that the tasks set by the neonatologist and the Head Nurse General Floors are delivered accurately in terms of quality and efficiency
  • Monitors the vital functions of the premature newborn
  • Performs intensive therapy techniques for the newborn
  • Takes samples for the laboratory tests
  • Performs procedures and treatments as prescribed by the physician neonatologist
  • Reports any changes in the evolution of the newborn
  • Responsible for quality and efficiency of the medical care
  • Prepares new infant examinations and explorations for a specific purpose
  • Prepares and explains the new technique of breastfeeding the baby
  • Checks the food quality of newborn babies
  • Ensures the infants' transport for investigations
  • Performs the toilet of the newborn
  • Respects the rules of asepsis
  • Identifies and reports any infection
  • Provides the sterilization of the necessary tools, equipment
  • Responsible for the inventory equipment
  • Ensures compliance with specific circuits in the hospital


  • Post-high school diploma or college health sanitary
  • Authorization of free practice, malpractice insurance
  • Work experience, preferably as a neonatal nurse.