Ob Gyn Nurse Job Description

The main tasks of an Obstetrics Gynecology nurse are related to women's reproductive health. He or she takes care of women that are under treatment for reproductive types of cancer, and for the ones undergoing hysterectomy. They are also involved in the care for women who suffered from pregnancy miscarriage or from stillbirth. Other tasks include providing prenatal support, help through delivery and afterbirth therapies.

Ob gyn nurses work in the medical environment, in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices or health agencies. The majority of these nurses choose to work in doctors' offices. In these places, they usually spend their whole working day answering to incoming calls, preparing patients before visiting the doctor, refilling prescriptions. They are also in charge of explaining facts to women that they ask about related to medical information, procedures or birth control techniques. In case of doctors needing help, obstetrics gynecology nurses can help them carry out ultrasounds or provide pelvic exams.

The offers and opportunities for ob gyn nurses look good. It is a well-known fact that careers in nursing can bring many professional and personal rewards. This job is good for the ones seeking a stable job with a satisfying pay and complete health benefits.

Educational and Training Programs

One can choose different paths to becoming an ob gyn nurse. The first step is taking on a nursing program (usually 1 year in vocational schools or community colleges) for being certified as a LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse; these nurses can only help registered nurses to carry out their duties. In favor of advancing to RN nurse, one should enroll in a 2 or 4 years plan of academic nursing studies that ends in an Associate's or a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and they have to renew or get their certification. After a considerable amount of experience and training, a RN nurse can go for a Master's Degree in nursing, which makes them advanced practice nurses. In any phase of this process, a nurse can choose to specialize and work in the ob gyn field.

As said above, nurses can choose to work in the ob gyn field anytime. The best advice is to prior work as a general LPN before choosing a specialization and becoming RN. This is beneficial because nurses have to first understand the great demands of working in the ob gyn medical field and to comprehend basic knowledge of nursing. Other specializations like pharmacist, medical assistant or social worker can lead to becoming an obstetrics gynecology nurse.

Outlooks and earning

The outlook for ob gyn nurses looks good. They have a growth in position in the future and many paths to advancement. Ob gyn nurses can continue their academic studies and becoming physicians or advanced practice nurses. They can also choose managerial positions in a health care facility. Additional training can bring a lot more benefits. The salaries for this type of nurses vary a lot depending on their experience and working environment. With less than 5 years of experience, ob gyn nurses get 23$ an hour; between 5 years and 10 years, nurses get $27 an hour. When a nurse has more than 10 years on the job, she or he earns $30 an hour and after more than 20 years, their wedge increases to $32 an hour.