Real Estate Secretary Job Description

A secretary in the real estate field will have to do the clerical work in the real estate office but the responsibilities can vary from one agency to another. The main responsibilities of a secretary are, of course, included in the job description, so, the real estate secretary will have to answer the phone, make phone calls and establish appointments. Working as a secretary in a real estate office or agency means establishing the real estate managers' and agents' meetings. Sometimes, the secretary has to study new neighborhoods and coordinate itineraries for the real estate agent or assistant, compare properties and introduce information on the web database, update the website and create advertisements.


It is probably common knowledge that a secretary has to be really organized and spontaneous, yet be patient and have an eye for details. If you want to get a job as a real estate secretary, you should certainly be able to work under pressure and respect the deadlines. In real estate, a deadline is very important as well as the capability of working without supervision, so, keep this in mind and update your resume according to these credentials. Communication skills are also a criterion in selecting a real estate secretary because the person occupying this position has a lot of meetings to attend and schedule. The secretaries usually know everything about the company's incomes and staff so discretion is also highly requested, sometimes the newly hired person needs to sign a discretion contract so, no gossip is allowed because it will probably cost you your job! Doing several things at the same time, nowadays, called multi - tasking, is a required criteria. Make sure you know all about it and are perfectly able to handle it because working in a real estate company or agency means pressure and great attention to details! Last, but not least, the real estate secretary has to remain calm and keep your temper, prove you are stress resistant and always ready for new tasks and challenges.

Education requirements

The entry level position as secretary, even in a real estate agency or company, can be often obtained by highschool graduates but it certainly depends on the diplomas possessed by all of the other candidates to the position. You can imagine that the employer will choose the most well prepared candidate. A bachelor degree in business administration is considered a plus but it does not grant you the job because, as you may already know, experience is crucial. So, if you happen to have a bit of real estate experience you can get the job, if you do not, then start reading all about real estate in your town and surrounding areas, memorize prices and certain details such as most wanted neighborhoods, key features and new trends in real estate and so on, and, you will know how to start a conversation with your future employer or what to answer when you are asked to give your opinion. Bachelor degrees in several other fields are also good to have when applying for the position of real estate secretary, for instance: management or accounting.