Call Center Sales Manager Job Description

To work in a call center is a challenge for many, especially when you are supposed to sell stuff to people by phone and most of the times those people do not want nor need the products your company is selling. This workplace can be a challenge even for those that have previously worked in a shop, but it might be good for those who worked as an insurance broker or as any door-to-door sales agent.

The employee on a call center sales manager responds of the management and of the performance of the telesales department, which is composed of both on-site and of remote phone representatives.

The main duties of a call center sales manager are very similar to those of a store's sales manager:

  • manages the team - could be the team on-site, or if the call center has more branches, might be responsible of the management of a region (say, the region of New York city, or North America)
  • implements sales strategies in order to exceed the monthly/ annual expectations
  • has to perform consultative sales coaching and training
  • creates and implements the use of effective sales scripts
  • manages by keeping track and recording the representatives' performances
  • monitors and evaluates the calls
  • provides feed back in order to improve the sell
  • reports the productivity and the performance of the managed team to the superiors,
  • manages the remote staff
  • offers assistance in the development of the documentation and of the training material
  • responsible for employee adherence to company's policies and procedures
  • participates in special projects as instructed
  • performs any other duty, as requested
  • hiring new staff for the managed team,
  • firing those who can not keep up, if the situation occurs,

Educational Qualifications

The education and the experience of such a personnel are important too. They need a Bachelor's Degree in a related field or several years of experience on a similar managerial position.

Some of the skills required are:

  • strong interpersonal skills
  • capable to understand the customers concerns
  • a good team player, but also capable to take decisions on their own
  • should be familiar with how a call center is working
  • good leadership skills
  • ability to work with a deadline, upon a schedule
  • know how to operate a computer, usually basic office software
  • experience with troubleshooting over the phone
  • knowledge of at least one foreign language.

This position is mostly a full-time one, and one can have an income of about US $60,000 per year - of course it can be influenced by many factors: type of products sold (some will be more wanted or needed than others), the efficiency of the team and personal efficiency, and any other factor.

A good leader (manager) will be able to do their job (reaching the targets too) in any given work place and will know exactly what to do to motivate the employees and will differentiate good, efficient employees from those less efficient.