Sales Specialist Job Description

Job Description

Sales specialists are in charge of establishing sales objectives and handle all sales activities in order to fulfill these objectives. Their main responsibilities include preparing promotional materials, handle sales and coordinate and supervise sales staff in performing their daily tasks.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Create, develop and implement sales strategies
  • Plan, organize and manage all sales activities
  • Identify, analyze and implement new methods and techniques to determine sales growth
  • Analyze the company's sales policies and recommend proper improvements and changes
  • Establish and implement sales objectives and goals
  • Assist, support and coordinate sales personnel in performing daily sales activities
  • Prepare and handle sales annual budgets
  • Analyze markets in order to identify new sales and business opportunities
  • Analyze, interpret and evaluate the effectiveness of sales, methods, costs and results
  • Handle customer complaints and solve conflicts within the company
  • Handle promotional materials and coordinate advertising
  • Compile and track sales data
  • Maintain good long term relationship with customers, sales staff and suppliers
  • Promote positive relationships with vendors and distributors
  • Participate at trade fairs and other events
  • Order and maintain materials and merchandise
  • Handle both field and indoor sales activities
  • Prepare and analyze complex and technical specifications of products
  • Evaluate market demand and try to meet customers needs and expectations
  • Provide customer services after selling the product or service
  • Provide customers relevant information about the products and services the company sells
  • Recruit, train and collaborate with sales representatives
  • Motivate and reward the sales team

Required Skills:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal competences and presentation skills
  • Excellent telephone manners
  • Highly organized and good planner
  • Efficient in time management
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Team worker
  • Able to supervise and coordinate a team
  • Able to properly evaluate and motivate team members and sales representatives
  • Good customer services
  • Results oriented
  • Basic math and accounting competence
  • IT knowledge and computer competences
  • Attention to details and focused
  • Hard working and dynamic person
  • Analytic and rational thinking
  • Able to analyze and interpret data
  • Business awareness
  • Polite and problem solver

Education and Training:

For those who want to work as sales specialists, academic education is a compulsory condition. Most companies require a Bachelor's Degree in one of these fields: Sales, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Economics or Business Administration. Previous experience in sales or promotion as well as coordinating and supervising a team are also very important. Besides these two conditions, professional competences and personal skills can make a difference as well. In this field, negotiation skills and the ability to establish long term relationships are essential.

Salary and Earnings:

Most sales specialists receive their salaries depending on their level of experience, educational background, the amount of responsibilities involved, the type and size of company they work for and the geographical location. The average salary for a sales specialist usually reaches 100.000 dollars a year. The highest salaries are paid in the IT industry as well as in commercial equipments manufacture industry.