CAD Operator Job Description

What is a CAD operator?

CAD means computer aided design and it is also called drafting. The CAD operators are the people specialized in using specific computer applications and software with the purpose of creating and developing design for a great range of goods. These professionals are used in very many industries, designing tools and machinery, the actual product and its packaging. They are also called CADD, meaning the same.

What are the tasks of a CAD operator?

  • The CAD operators put technical drawings and plans in a specific order with the help of computerized applications with the purpose of creating and building a product. These products can be anything, from vent tubes to cameras or from houses to appliances. Some time ago, these workers were using actual hand drawing, but nowadays they only use the computer to make these plans. They make the computerized drawing, store them, manage them and have them in order for further modifications or usage.
  • The plans are complete and represent every aspect of a certain object's construction, so they have to be very precise and well-done. Today's drafters still need the classic drawing abilities and it's better to be pro in both CAD and traditional drafting.
  • Because they can work in a lot of fields, they specialize in a specific area of design like architecture, civil drafting or aeronautics. The working hours for a CAD operator are not specific. His working area is the place in front of the computer.

What are the requirements for becoming a CAD operator?

  • CAD operators have to know a little bit of everything. Their coursework consists of CADD or CAD courses, drafting, engineering, math and science. This is done by completing a degree in this field or the one related to it. Anyone can engage in this educational trip by applying to the majority of institutions (4 years), technical institutes or community colleges. Some recruiters are very selective when it comes to the institutions chosen by their employees, so it's advisable to ask about the reputation of one's future schooling facility.
  • Generally, CAD operators aren't required to be licensed, but they can do it voluntarily at the ADDA or the American Design Drafting Association. A certification like this can increase the chances of getting hired by companies.

What are the personal skills and abilities needed by CAD operators?

One of the most important qualities of drafters is the mechanical knowledge. The object of their work is design, so drawing is a crucial requirement, computer aided as well as freehand. Because they use a computer, they have to be proficient in using it. In addition, operators have to be acquainted with geometric constructions, architectural terms and other related drafting procedures and processes.

What is the salary of a CAD operator?

The main factor in deciding a drafter's salary is the fields he/she is work in. For instance, architectural CAD operators earn an approximate salary of $42,000 a year, while mechanical drafters have an annual pay check of $44,000.